A Caring Texas Lawsuit Trial Lawyer

Do you want an attorney who takes your injuries as seriously as you do?  Are you shopping for not just any lawyer, but a very personal lawyer for your very personal injuries?

A Top Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ll need an experienced Texas trial attorney on your side.

A personal injury lawyer’s practice is exclusively dedicated to people, not insurance companies or large corporations.

  • Are you suffering from devastating injuries caused by a serious automobile or 18 wheeler accident?
  • Did you slip and fall in a store on a recently mopped floor with pooled water patches?
  • Has your child been bullied and slandered via social media?
  • Did the neighbor’s dog snap and bite your child during an innocent petting attempt?

A Texas Lawsuit Trial Attorney that Cares

When you leave the law firm, you’re family.

Personal injury lawyers is here to help you be made ‘whole’ for injuries caused by the carelessness, negligence or reckless disregard of another for your basic safety and well being.  Initially, many of these personal torts (wrongs) are addressed by filing an insurance claim.  Personal injury lawyers will help you negotiate your way through the insurance claim process or, if that fails to achieve a satisfactory settlement, by litigation.

Ferocious Engagement of Insurers

Paul with fight for the maximum compensation!

Personal injury lawyers will not abandon you or back down to appease an adjuster if your injuries warrant greater compensation.  He will fight to make sure you receive what you deserve.

Personal injury lawyers know that you cannot ever let an adjuster tell you what your case is worth.  It is the job of the adjuster to minimize your injury and its potential long-term consequences.  Paul and his staff will help you gather medical records, submit them to the insurance company, and negotiate proper compensation for your lost wages, medical bills and future pain and suffering.

The Cost of Legal Representation

Houston Insurance Claim Lawsuits Cost Money

If the insurance adjuster will not make an offer that properly compensates you for the level of injuries you have sustained, then you may have to go to court.  Personal injury lawyers will carry you through to the next level.  Personal injury lawyers will assume the costs of case work up.  This is an expensive process.  In addition to attorney and staff time, there are filing fees and the expenses associated with obtaining evidence.  This includes medical records, medical consultations, the cost of experts (if needed), and development of the extent of your damages.  Damages frequently include lost wages and occupational rehabilitation.

The 100% contingency contract awards the attorney a sizable fee but it is only fair.   The attorney assumes all the risk and costs to represent you at every step of the way to settlement or court.

Personal injury lawyers experience with victims of serious, bodily harm and the emotional suffering that ensues, makes him one of your best choices for a personal injury case in Texas.


A Caring Texas Lawsuit Trial Lawyer

Crime Houston and Texas Lawyers & Attorneys

Texas Law & Sexual Assault; An Overview

Sexual assault is expressly defined under the Texas Penal Code Section 522.021. The Section also contains what propels an assault case to be an aggravated sexual assault. This offense is considered more serious compared to the normal assault. It brings with it a heightened punishment. Attorney Jack B. Carroll, a lawyer that’s consistently seen at the Harris County Criminal Justice center defending people with aggravated sexual assault cases, believes that most people that are accused of a crime involving sex are assumed to be guilty and are in dire need of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Sexual assault victims have a lasting damage that often traps them in the same actions mentally. Did you know that psychological injury might be more worse compared to physical injury? If you’re convicted criminal, you’ll often be put on a registry of a sex offender. These crimes normally last ages. They last their entire lives both in the system and on paper.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

And The Texas Penal Code

Under the Texas Penal Code, sexual assault happens when an individual recklessly, knowingly or intentionally causes harm to another individual and/or threatens to harm another individual via sexual attack without his or her consent. In contrast, this offense comprises of the mens rea of knowingly or intentionally. Consequently, there’s no conviction of you only acted recklessly. Moreover, aggravated sexual assault consists of oral, anal, or vaginal penetration.

Sexual offense with physical attack

Serious forced physical attacks coupled with sexual offenses have a tendency to have heightened penalties when convicted. Most factors might contribute to more serious crimes. Attempting to kill someone or brutally harming an individual physically is considered severe. The other serious offense one can commit under this law is planting fear in a victim in such a way that they fear for their life. The state of fear such as kidnapping might be constant or momentary. Committing these acts with multiple partners or with a partner might cause a higher penalty when convicted.

You might incur additional punishments if you use drugs for sexual escapades involving the disabled, old or young.

What about the consent of the victim?

According to the law in Texas, one gives up his or her consent when he or she is threatened. The fear of lasting damage, dying, or being hurt forces an individual to think about surviving only. When someone is required to take part in such actions, the law doesn’t consider it as consent or permission. The threat of potential harm usually looms over them. If the object of harm has connection with an attacker or not, any negative response to prospective sexual acts is normally considered inconsequential.

Defenses to Sex Crime Allegations

Here are some of the defenses against this offense:

  • The defendant was the child’s spouse when the offense was committed
  • The defendant wasn’t any more than 3 years older than a child when the offense was committed
  • The said conduct comprised of medical care for a kid

Sentences and Penalties

Typically, a sexual assault is a 2nd degree felony. It carries a sentence of 2 – 20 years inside a state prison and/or $10000 in terms of fine. Nonetheless, a judge might elevate the crime to 1st degree felony if a victim was with an individual whom a defendant was forbidden from marrying or living under a marriage with the victim. A 1st degree felony in this state is punishable by 5 – 99 years inside a state prison and/or $10000 in terms of fine.