Arrested for Murder? You May Get The Death Sentence

Arrested for Murder? You May Get The Death Sentence

If you’ve been accused of murder, in the state of Texas, there’s a serious chance that you will be facing the death penalty. A number well-known people have come out against the death penalty, and a number of well-known people of came out for the death penalty. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want to do anything that puts you in the type of situation that could warrant a punishment like a death sentence.

Life On Death Row

Aside from being killed by the state as a result of societal demands for equal and just punishment for the most heinous criminal offenses, is also a strong chance that you will serve many decades in a very small jail cell with no more than 60 minutes per day out of your jail cell. This is worse than being executed.

Being in jail is one thing, but not being allowed out of yourself for no more than an hour a day is enough to drive anyone absolutely insane. In addition to not being allowed I’ve your cell, when the time does roll around for your execution the state of Texas won’t even allow you to choose your last meal anymore. You eat the same thing that the rest of the inmates ate for lunch that day.

Is Punishment To Harsh?

Some people think that jail sentencing should be limited to 25 years just like the cowards over at the international courts. But in these United States of America, the moral authority has not been completely corrupted and overrun by international interests. In other words, if you come to Texas and you kill a defenseless person or a peace officer you will qualify for capital punishment; the death penalty.

Imagine if your five-year-old daughter or son was savagely raped and abused and murdered by a grown man.

Number of the people accused of these types of criminal offenses will admit that they belong in jail and that they should never be released. I believe that if a person is convicted of an unspeakable crime then they should be immediately executed by firing squad.

These criminals are so dangerous that staff members (correctional officers) won’t come near them when they’re outside of their cells.

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