Obey The Law or Be Jailed and Tagged a Criminal

Obey The Law or Be Jailed and Tagged a Criminal

If you’ve ever been a resident in the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston, then you know its one hell of an experience that any sane person would break-a-neck to skip out on. In fact, a few of the more “crafty minds” set for a stay in the jail have managed to escape. (Why anyone would escape from jail, only to be caught and given more time, defies logic.)

However, not everyone in the Harris County Jail is a bad person, in fact, most of the prisoners have not been convicted of a crime in the court of law and are merely in jail because they have either been denied bail, can not afford it, or can’t make contact with anyone in the outside world who is willing to post bond.

Why People End Up In Jail in Houston

Landing in a jail cell can simply be a matter of mistaken identity, false arrest, or a result of a criminal action being rebutted by law enforcement. In some cases, people commit heinous crimes such as murders while others commit non life threatening criminal offenses such as being caught with, in their possession, a controlled substance like marijuana or cocaine.

Other arrests may be as a result of the police spotting a driver weaving on roadways only to discover that they were driving while intoxicated. In any case, jail is an equalizer and many people from all walks of life may find themselves in jail for one reason or another.

Talking With a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are ever jailed in Houston for any reason whatsoever, no matter how seemingly light the charge is, talk with a Texas criminal defense counselor who will fight any criminal charges against you in the court of law. Even if you think it is a small crime that doesn’t matter, it will matter if you are ever the subject of a criminal background check by a future employer or are looking to enroll in college.Harris County Jail

In some cases, having a crime on your background can even prevent you from living where you want to live. With the rise of crime in society some home owners associations, apartment complexes, and condominiums will require that you pass a criminal background check prior to considering leasing property or accepting you as a tenant.

In the case of home owners associations, they can block a property sale if the prospective buyer has a criminal background and intends to take up residency in the neighborhood in question.

Obey The Law or Be Jailed and Tagged a Criminal

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