A Lawyer For DWI Defense in Galveston, TX

A Lawyer For DWI Defense in Galveston, TX

Being arrested for a DWI related criminal offense is an experience that anyone would want to avoid, but for the people who have no choice about the matter, there is a solid choice for legal representation for people in need of a Galveston DWI lawyer if they were arrested in Galveston, TX and are looking at an upcoming court appearance in the Galveston County Criminal Court.

No one wants to be staring up at the bench at a judge without a board certified Galveston DWI lawyer on their side who knows how to work the legal system to their favor. The lawyers at The Nelson Firm, attorney Tad Nelson, and the professionals of the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, have the skill and the experience to make either beating the DUI charges, or at least getting highly favorable results, a true reality.

Why People End Up Arrested for DWI

The main reason end up arrested for a DWI related criminal offenses in Galveston, TX and other areas in Galveston County, is due to their own irresponsibility. However, in other cases, people are wrongfully accused of driving while intoxicated due to poor training on part of the arresting officers, a poor understanding of DWI science as it relates to body chemistry in some of us, faulty Intoxilyzers, and poor storage practices for blood and urine samples by law enforcement forensic divisions.

Another reason people can find themselves arrested for DUI is due to medical reasons and the irresponsible ingestion of pharmaceuticals. Its important to always follow the instructions on drugs that may have been prescribed to you by your doctor. Ignorance is not forgiven by the law. We can’t bring back lives simply because we’ve admitted we’ve made a mistake.

Talk With a Galveston DWI Lawyer

Whether or not you feel that you were wrongfully accused of driving while intoxicated, you’ll still need to immediately secure professional legal representation by an attorney with experience fighting allegations of DWI in the Galveston County Criminal Court. In Texas, there is a perpetual campaign afoot to ensnare, arrest, and criminally charge as many people as possible with DWI offenses and then let the courts sort it out. During this “sorting out” the last thing you want to do is leave your fate in the hand of a prosecuting attorney who has a vendetta without being backed by a solid Galveston DWI defense attorney like Tad Nelson who has licked his chops beating prosecutors on many occasions.


Even if you aren’t being represented by an attorney as highly decorated as the lawyers at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates in Galveston, TX, being represented by any attorney with an equivalent level of experience should assure that you aren’t given the maximum sentence for your DWI offense.

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