Houston’s Metro-Rail is a Joke

Houston’s Metro-Rail is a Joke

14 years later, after the vote went on the ballot in Houston for the rail system, and we basically have what amounts to a pile of shit. Who would have thought they would put the damn train in the middle of the street?

Downtown Houston is ruined!

My office is right on Main St and Rusk, and since I don’t have any pictures, I’m going to attempt to break it down for you literally.houston_metrorail_03

You walk to a corner, and you see two train tracks crossing over each other in the pedestrian cross-walk on busy a busy downtown street.

Lets put it another way; In theory, a pedestrian, a motorist, and that “train” all have to take turns sharing the same piece of real estate.

Who builds a subway/monorail dead smack in the middle of what is supposed to be Main St.?

Then the geniuses in planning had the nerve to completely cut off main street for some sort of street blocking “park-like” nuisance that does nothing but contribute to traffic in downtown Houston.

Houston’s Metro Rail project is ridiculous and a thrashing of a great transportation concept. Would have never voted for it had it been known what a waste it would be.

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