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Driving Vs. Traveling: A Right or a Privilege?

Eddie Craig does raised a number of eyebrows with his in-depth review of the Texas Transportation Code and its definitions as it relates to “persons required to carry a Drivers’ License.

A number of the interesting points covered are as follows;

  • The definition of peace officer
  • When a person is required to have their Texas Drivers’ License and Proof on Financial Responsibility
  • The truth on the above.
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Sharia Law: Disturbing Savagery By Animals

The nonsense known as Sharia Law needs to be appreciated more by Americans as we have a growing Muslim population and a sell-out President in Obama who tends to favor the insane anti-Christianity of Islam. In some Muslim countries, women are killed for driving due to the commands of insane Sharia Law.

You can be put to death for not renouncing your Christian faith in countries where the barbarism of Shariah Law is apparent.