Divorce & Different Forms of Child Abuse

Divorce & Different Forms of Child Abuse

When I sit and think of the traditional family, I view it as a child or children with two parents.

familyWhen the natural family first originated, it consisted of a child and two parents. Those two parents included a mother and a father.With the degradation of society at full steam, a person from the old days wouldn’t be able to find as many natural family units as they would have back in the day.

In the present day, it has all since changed.

The Modern Family

Now, it is legal for a child or children to have two mothers, two fathers, and sometimes even three parents. However, there are many different categories that branch off of family law. These include child custody, child abuse, and divorce. All of these fall under family law, but they all have very different meanings and actions that are involved in each one.

The Dreaded Divorce

divorceFor instance, when we view Divorce laws, this indicates when a man or woman, or mother and father, have come to an agreement to dissolve their marriage from each other.

During the process of divorce, there are certain issues that are specifically dealt with before finalizing the permanent separation.

When Property or Assets are Involved

The court will have to decide how to divide among the couple their property and debts, whether one of the spouses get alimony, if there are any children involved there will be a parenting plan that is set legally for custody and visitations, and then child support will follow.

After the divorce is filed, it usually takes around 60 days before the courts can officially finalize it, however, it can take a longer period of time if there are certain issues that need to be dealt with for a larger time frame.

The courts also require placement of children with a parent, they decide the issue of custody based upon the best interests of the child and where they would be residing. Finally, once both parties have come to a mutual agreement, the courts can finalize the divorce by having the couple arrive for a final hearing or they can finalize the papers once they know you both agree on the same terms.

Child Custody Situations

Another branch of family law is Child Custody. The general definition of child custody would be that one parent has the sole custody and possession of the child in the same amount of time as the other parent, and it also means that one parent can have more amount of time with a child than the other parent. This can be determined in a variety of ways. A majority of the courts honor the wishes of the child and in whom which they prefer to spend most of their time with.

However, the court system has to factor in the parents physical and mental abilities of handling a child, what type of school, home, and community the child will be dwelling in, making sure the child will also remain having a relationship with the other parent, whether or not a parent is a labeled sex offender, and whether there is suspicions of abuse to the child or not. If one of the parents is not considered capable of any of these abilities for custody or even partial custody, they will be granted visitation.

This involves that the parent is allowed to see their child or children under professional supervision. This is considered a last resort only if that parent is proven to be a serious endangerment to the child or children when under their supervision. It is the courts right to make sure the child is well taken care of.

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There are Many Forms of Child Abuse

What If Child Abuse Is An Issue?

A more serious matter involving family law is when Child Abuse occurs in the home, or has been alleged. Child Abuse is a lot more common than most individuals may think. It is an estimated amount that around 2.5 million cases of neglect and child abuse are reported in the United States each year.

There are, however, different types of child abuse.

Physical Abuse & Beatings

Physical abuse to a child involves injuries to and on a child’s body. This can include burns, broken bones, head injuries, bruises, and to any of the internal organs of a child.

Sexual Abuse & Child Neglect

Another form of abuse, is sexual abuse, where the child can not give consent because they are unaware of what is happening to them.

There is also child neglect, in which the child can be physically neglected, emotionally neglected, or medically neglected. Physically can mean withholding food or shelter, and other necessities that the child needs. Emotionally means the child never receives affection, love, or comfort that every child needs to experience.

Medical Neglect & Psychological Abuse

Then there is medical neglect in which the child does not receive proper medical attention when needed.

The last form of child abuse is Psychological Abuse that can occur from, all of the above, forms of neglect. It can, however, also be formed from verbal abuse to the child. If any sort of child abuse is detected or has suspicions, should be reported to authorities immediately so that they are able to remove the child from their harmful living environment, before more serious issues arise.

Family Litigation & Court Proceedings are Always Serious

Divorce lawyers in Galveston will agree that any form of litigation involving the Texas family court system are serious issues. The goal of the family court circuit is to set a good atmosphere of family living and to add enforce the decree of the court. Violations of any order issued by the court can result in disastrous legal ramifications.

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