Federal Criminal Defense: An Overview

Federal Criminal Defense: An Overview

When a person is accused and charged with a crime by the United States of America, they are facing serious criminal charges, and you should seek legal representation from an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer.

The reason is simple; you want the best lawyer for the case with the most applicable experience. When a person is accused of accused of a crime by the federal government, they will be prosecuted by an Asst. U.S. Attorney in federal court. If convicted, the defendant will be subject to punishment at the federal level, which is often far more harsh than the states.

Understanding Federal Criminal Cases

Federal criminal cases are the most severe legal matters that a person can content with. The United States of America has an unlimited budget which makes the U.S. Attorney’s Office a formidable opponent. If an individual is convicted of a federal crime, they will face a series of punishments and penal consequences. Some of the penalties include the following;

  • A lengthy federal prison sentence that must be served day-for-day in a federal penitentiary,
  • Monetary fines to the tune of tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars,
  • A criminal record,
  • Loss of voting rights and 2nd Amendment freedoms,
  • Moreover, a federal conviction can create challenges for immigrants.

The smartest thing you can if you or a loved-one are facing prosecution by the government is to hire an experienced attorney.  Even if you’re just being investigated by the FBI or the DEA and you have not been formally charged, hiring a criminal defense attorney to address the matter is the best option.

Criminal Cases at the Federal Level

Although most criminal cases in Texas are prosecuted the state level, some crimes are so serious that the federal government will step and “pick up the case.” For example, a person arrested by Texas State Troopers or the Houston Police Department for transporting 5 kilos of cocaine might be prosecuted at the state level.If the amount is a few tons or has national implications, the federal government will like take charge on the case by convening a federal grand jury to charge the defendant.

Theoretically speaking, a person charged at the federal level can also be charged at the state level for the same crime. Although it is rare, it is possible. It is also worth noting the federal and state court processes are different and over very little in the way of leniency to defendants.

The United States of America rarely takes on a case unless it involves kidnapping, crimes across state lines, and crimes of national magnitude. People busted counterfeit money are always pursued in federal court as the crime is an offense against the economy and the nation as a whole. The same can be said national crime rings that involve massive conspiracies involving multiple players. Crimes of that nature are usually prosecuted as a RICO Act violation. Tax fraud, human trafficking, Medicare fraud, bank robbery, and terrorism-related crimes are also relentlessly pursued by the feds.

Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal charges at both the state and federal level are matters of high contention, deadly stress, and extreme anxiety. Consulting with an experienced federal criminal law attorney is the best option.

Federal Criminal Defense: An Overview

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